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Never Can Say Goodbye

Tomorrow will see the Ugandans going to the polls. Many more of our nations have scheduled key government elections over the rest of the year. Below is the latest calendar which I’ll be periodically updating.

The contests in Zambia and Ghana are likely to be the most closely and openly contested. However, its arguable that developments in the hugely pivotal Democratic Republic of Congo, where President Joseph Kabila is already harassing the opposition and reportedly toying with the idea of changing the constitution in order to secure a third term, are the most critical. This week’s 2-day general strike intended to pressurise him into relinquishing power at the end of his term in December is another salvo in a concerted and well-supported attempt to move beyond the Kabila dynasty. Young Joseph should take heed. His father, who was also President, was assassinated by a bodyguard in 2001.inevitable upward pressure on inflation which will hit the poorest Nigerians the hardest. But the ex-solider is now finding that price dynamics are harder to repress that he may have imagined.

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