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Afrinomica is a research boutique focussed on the economic analysis of Africa & diaspora communities. Our work has been published in the most prestigious academic and policy journals and presented at top universities and policy-making fora. 


Rigorous economic research and analysis does not have to be boring, technical guff.  We pride ourselves in serving our output in bite-sized, easy

to digest morsels.


Despite our academic backgrounds, we do not subscribe to economic navel-gazing for its own sake. Our network of African data-driven scientists blend scientific rigour with clear and actionable policy-related insights.  

Selected Publications 

Selected Talks & Presentations 

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About Afrinomica 

Afrinomica was founded by me, Jonathan Thomas Phd. I am an experienced economist. writer, speaker and presenter. 

After finishing my graduate studies as a Commonwealth Scholar, I started my working career at the University of Cambridge, where I was also a fellow in economics at Emmanuel College, and at University College London. Senior roles in the UK government, Bank of England, fund management and technology consulting have followed where in all cases I have led teams of researchers in data-driven analysis spanning macro-and micro-econometric analysis, financial markets, and emerging technologies. 

Along the way, I have fulfilled my passion of investigating and commenting, in print and on TV, about African and diaspora economic challenges and outcomes as well as several consulting projects. Too often, such analysis is led by external actors who have an outdated view of African agency and potential. Our global network of African scientists provides the antidote. Fresh and rigorous thinking from an African perspective that co-creates shared success via client-focussed bespoke research and monthly subscription-based publications.  

Our Services

Our flagship product is a monthly update of the key macroeconomic indicators with a focus on GDP, inflation and interest rates. Deeper dives are also available on request. We also conduct bespoke research on specific issues for our clients. Our recent output has covered steps to help mitigate the medium-term impacts of Covid-19 on debt, female financial inclusion in Nigeria, the prospects for renewable energy in Zambia and Black wealth in the UK.

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